Trends in houses and apartments interior design: photos and examples

The team of design studio "Panda" completed more than 200 projects of apartments and houses. The rooms, as well as the customer wishes were different, however, after analyzing all the finished interiors, there are several key features. The fact remains that the choice of design is influenced not only by social status and way of life of the owners, but also by the trends that are formed.

Design of interior of modern apartment.

The constantly accelerated rate of life and multitasking left the track on forming of trends of planning and decorating of modern apartments and houses. It would be desirable to talk about it.

Most townspeople want to decrease the domestic loading, creating functional and here maximally comfort interior. The proprietors of houses have the problems - it is necessary correctly «to involve» every square meter of dwelling-place, saving a general idea.

Less fervor, more style and individuality in decoration. It is not so simple to realize it, as seem, therefore many prefer to take advantage of services of designer. Seeing 3d project, it is possible to estimate all minuses of future repair and in advance to correct without superfluous peculations.

Choice of general style

For decoration of modern apartments two directions are mainly used:

Exactly these two styles and their combinations allow to realize main requirements: to create an attractive, but simple and functional situation by sight.

For a modern next features are characteristic:

Design of apartment in style modern.

A minimalism in a dwelling apartment:

Modern house in style minimalism.

Because these directions have a lot in common, they harmoniously interlace in interiors. In addition, at registration of apartments and houses the elements of loft are all more often involved, such as:

Elements of loft in the design of interior.

The main trend is different lighting for each functional zone. Spot lights are still popular.