You don't want that facade of the house was a faceless, expressionless, just like thousands of others? You need an individual project. Properly developed design will make the exterior of the building is not only beautiful, but also functional and durable as possible. Save the heat to prevent the accumulation of excessive moisture and fire, neutralize the shortcomings of construction, change the proportions of the building, straighten the geometry of structures - a list of several possible tasks of the architectural project for the facade design.

Only a professional designer can choose the most successful combination of materials within your selected styles, your budget and your personal preferences.

Architectural and design studio "Panda" designs exterior design of various buildings: shopping centers, office buildings, cottages and houses. Design includes planning ergonomic interior space and exterior design, as well as landscape design if you need it .

Order design project of the house facade

The work begins with a detailed acquaintance with the peculiarities of location and future or existing buildings. Select this stylistic direction, the list of required materials.

Study of the design project of the facade - a long and laborious process that requires the designer not only a clear idea of ​​the form the exterior, but also knowledge of the specifics of the architecture and requirements of the construction works.

You will be able to see all the possible variants of the design of the facade before the start of construction work. 3D visualization will help see any defects, change the architectural details, to adjust the color or style, to create a perfect view of the future house. Only after complete harmonization of the project begin construction.