You need to sell the product, and we can create a store design that will attract potential buyers, "cling", retain and promote the purchase. You have a large range? It is necessary to correctly dispose shelving. You have an expensive item class "luxury"? Emphasize this with exquisite interior design of the store.

Product specifications decides everything and influences on the design. If you think about every little thing, plan everything from the placement of the racks to the smell in the room, your point of sale will be one of the most popular and easily become a favorite place for making a purchase.

Do you think you can do this without help of a professional designer? "Panda" studio will help you create project of design, taking into account the preferences of the target audience. Implement your "idea of ​​a million" right now.

Just a few striking examples. Explore our portfolio. Design projects of restaurants and offices, residential buildings and facades of houses - our team is professional in everything. Ordering shop design project, you will make a profitable investment in the development of your business. Bright, unusual, bravely.

Stand out from the competition. Create a design that will attract and sell!

We make restaurants and cafes, shopping malls and stores across Ukraine, and planning to enter the market in Europe. Do not miss your chance to become a part of our portfolio.