The project of home for a young couple

The project of home for a young couple

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187 sq.m.
Ukraine, Lutsk
Planning, Design

                 "Panda Design Studio" presented the project of home for a young couple, made in the modern interpretation of neoclassicism. Classics in the interior do not tolerate heaps, so you need to be very selective with respect to the details. This time, the designers had to think carefully about how to enter the elite fundamental design with modern technological equipment, so that it did not seem as certain foreign object, disrupting the general harmony of the interior. Following the traditions and rules of style, while filling space, designers sought to place only the most necessary pieces of furniture. Thanks to this, there is no feeling of inconvenience and massiveness, and vice versa, the room is filled with ease, refinement and atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

                 Undoubtedly, the classic style in the living room with fireplace – is an illustration of refined elegance and bourgeois abutment of the owners of the house. The Interior, like a work of art, differs by expensive materials and exclusive furniture. Low soft chairs, elegant coffee tables, gorgeous windows textiles, chandeliers and lamps, as jewelry-gave ease, perfectly combined with soft colors and creates a harmonious picture with all the décor of the room.

               The fairly festive elegance and at the same time a cozy atmosphere of the kitchen, made in the best classical traditions, stressed the refined taste of the home owners. It was important here to combine correctly the beauty and the practicality. The kitchen design is filled with non-random elements to create a harmonious integrity and unique aesthetics. The incredible shade was chosen for the paneled facades of the kitchen – the color of Prussian blue, pleasing to see in a new way the understanding of the traditional nature of the best practices of neo-classicism. Despite of its originality and expensiveness, primarily the kitchen should be functional. The furniture with durable upholstery was chosen for the dining area, harmonizing with the overall tones in the room. An excellent complement to the style is a unique wall painting in the technique of engraving, and design chandelier will be the main object of admiring by the welcome guests of the house.

The Classics for bedroom is incompatible with unnecessary bombast and elegance, bit the modest hint at wealth and a high-minded triumph is very even appropriate.

In the main bedroom of the house walls covered with textile wallpaper. The form and the azure velvet in the headboard of the bed became the basis of harmony in classical bedchamber. The crystal chandeliers and hangers, the richness of textiles, the delicacy of soft pieces of furniture-all the details are in line with the overall style of the room.

                An elegant combination of black with a white is a long-known tradition of classical Interior. This monochrome looks great also in the bathrooms. Delicate accents in the form of lamps and sconces successfully diluted neat atmosphere of luxury and coolness stone tiles by Imola brand. The particular significance obtains such things as chrome faucets of graceful shape, big glossy canvas of glass and mirrors.

                This project became a kind of experiment, proving that even in classical design, there are no clear boundaries and canons; it embodies the spirit of different times and epochs, sophisticated and idiosyncratic, which means there is an opportunity to create a unique area for the discerning young customer.