Modern house in shades of gray

Modern house in shades of gray

Project information

Start date of the design:
Delivery Date:
Property Size:
260 sq.m.
Ceiling height:
3.0 m
Ukraine, Lutsk
Planning, design, selection of materials, supervision

                    The house is performed in a very modern style with the usage of modern technologies and materials. The contrasting materials, shapes and colors are combined to create a cozy atmosphere. The openness of space is combined with clearly defined functional areas.

                     All things, in living room, are subordinated to gentleness, peace and order. The preference is given to monochrome palette of floors, walls, fireplaces, and carefully selected functional furniture. Unique charm of the living room is given by the floor tiles imitating natural marble. Interesting, one might even say imponderable, staircase with glass railings leads to the second floor where the bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms are situated. 

                    The strict facade design, modern modular sets made ​​by the author's project has given the originality to the kitchen. Multi-level performance of light creates unique lines, glare chrome details are successfully contrasted with the warmth of wood. Massive handmade table looks organically with a total space, and panoramic windows offer beautiful views of the backyard. New details of decoration in the form of onyx inlay, high-quality wood and glass decorate the room, giving it a more modern look. Furthermore, most of the furniture was made specially for this project, which makes it even more personal.

                    Every piece of bedroom furniture is simple and concise. Furniture upholstery harmonizes with the color gamma and style theme. The finish of the room is made of decorative plaster and volumetric 3D panels in the headboard. On the floor is placed dark wood parquet.

                    Another bedroom is made for a teenager. Bright walls create a perfect contrast with the dark parquet flooring and window frames made ​​of natural wood. ​​The wall with built-in shelves and niches for storage are made from the same material. Furniture is in a modern style, original, aesthetic and without excessive decoration. Upholstery of the bed is made of the natural fabric linen. The ​​curtains are made from the same material, which gives the room an elegant simplicity.

                    Spacious office is in soothing colors. Massive windows frames with natural wood bring a touch of the classics faint note in modern style. Huge luxury sofa with soft upholstering doesn’t only approach to receive a great deal of company but also serve as a comfortable place to see a movie on the big screen thanks to the projector located under the ceiling.

                    Three bathrooms – are the modern design projects with a focus on luxury, with an accent directly on expensive materials and sanitary ware, which helps to avoid the color saturation in the decor. The first two baths use Italian tile REX that imitates marble. There are warm shades with a separate font on beautiful legs; it reserves the right to be given a dominant of the interior. Second, children’s room is in classic black color with streaks of bright filaments where the shower block has become a fashion accessory and a highlight of the room. The focus there is on the floral panel with hand-painted tiles from Ceramica Bardelli.