The cozy apartment

The cozy apartment

Project information

Start date of the design:
Delivery Date:
Property area:
110 sq.m.
Re-planning, design, selection of materials

Planning and zoning for all premises of this object have been designed taking into account the particularities and the wishes of the family, living in an apartment in modern style, in which there is a touch of art deco. The Interior is decorated in rich colors, adapted to modern trends and canons.

            The kitchen is one of the main rooms in each house. It is a place where the whole family gathers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where very often welcome guests and arrange friendly gatherings. This is the room where the hostess spends most of her time.  So the kitchen should be very comfortable, as the mood of the room is so important for every family member that can effect on the overall atmosphere in the whole house, because it is the heart of the family hearth, where each household gets vital energy. The kitchen is made in monochrome tones. The table is made of natural wood, placed near a wall, decorated with 3D panels of pressed coconut, drawing panels creates dynamics and depth of the room. The terracotta stuffed chairs became the bright accents of the room. The multilevel ceiling with square shape spotlights perfectly lightens every corner of the kitchen. It was managed to place a functional bar and a small work area in the loggia.

            To obtain a harmonious interior room designer had to find the right color combination of all the elements of furniture, textiles, finishes and decor. There is an array of natural tinted wood on the floor, from the same material the central wall is made, where the paintings are decorated in bright frames. The large sectional sofa in the bright textiles effectively contrasts with the wall. The original fixtures, niche lighting not only perform the function of lighting, but also play the role of smart accessories. The unusual forms of lighting will attract attention and give a variety to the interior. The living room in chocolate tones – is a classic, which is outside of time. The shades of ivory and coffee are just perfect for people who appreciate the tranquillity and the cosiness in the house.

            In the children's bedroom for two children, in the first place it was important to delineate the space, because every child should have a place for personal belongings. In this case, the ideal option was a small partition that clearly delineates the two beds. The bright colors in combination with the rich colors of green and yellow are used in the bedroom. A special role in the decoration of the bedroom with two beds is endowed with textiles and those cute decorative trinkets, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a cozy children's room. The comfortable for both children a big table with lots of drawers for storing notebooks, albums and stationery is located near the window.

            All rooms of the house awake feeling of warmth, comfort, sanctity of family values and traditions. The interior of each piece is a work of decorative art, there are no random things, actually, all these details create a classic modern interior.