The PandaCard or PCard Project for the clients

What is PandaCard or PCard?

Becoming a cardholder Panda Card, you get all the advantages of cooperation with our partners. A number of enterprises that cooperate not for the first year, guarantee definitely positive end-result of performed works, unique services and providing you with high-quality goods. To optimize and improve this process a "comfort project" Panda Card was created.

Panda Card foresees not only provision of quality services to customers (for the constant client), but also inform about new features, products, company services, united by a common idea such as Panda Card. The essence of the project – is not a banal discount or primitive actions, first of all, it is an extension of the client’s world and encouragement for the customer to buy, though not the cheapest, but guaranteed quality products or products with a guarantee of good service.

The Project “Panda Card” includes:

- The list of reliable companies with rich experience in positive developments;

- The human attitude to the client and good service;

- The access to extremely high-quality and certified product;

- The quick solution of the domestic problems.

Today Panda Card - is an attempt to introduce a new principle of working with clients and cooperation between enterprises. And tomorrow - is convenient, reliable and prestigious source of information about different kinds of services, and professional execution of the customer's wishes.

In order to maintain the actualization of the offers from our partners, we have created a special web site. By registering, you can read about all the project, partners of the Panda Card, find their contact details and location. With the growing number of companies in the “family” Panda Card, the information is constantly updated, always remaining relevant to you. After a simple registration, you will be able to learn about all the updates in the construction industry, which are offered by the participants of the project Panda Card.